Below are creative links and resources from around the internet. If you would like to be added or know of a good resource please leave a comment below.

  • Fibreshed, local fibers, local dyes, local labor
    non-profit organization that supports the collaboration of small scale farmers with local artisans to generate a growing and thriving bioregional textile culture that functions hand-in-hand with principles of ecological balance, local economies, and regional organic agriculture.
  • The Plucky Knitter
    beautiful hand dyed yarns created by Sarah Dimond, the owner, has been dyeing like a madwoman since 2007. Her colors are to dye for and the images on her website are fabulous. See her patterns page to get a real feel how beautiful the yarns can be.
  •  L’OisiveThé et Tricot
    Traveling to Paris?  A knitting and crochet haven to get away from the hustle and bustle of the City of Lights. Knitters and crocheters come together to enjoy weekday lunch service with brunch on the weekends. Homemade dessert, a vast selection of teas and exceptional hand dyed yarns from North American and the United Kingdom.
  • Sew and Stitchery Expo
    To my surprise I recently learned about this conference and have registered to attend Feb. 2016. I am so excited.
    Per the website these are the details:
    The Sewing and Stitchery Expo is the largest consumer sewing show in America. Held annually at the Washington State Fair Event Center, in Puyallup, Washington.Joanne Ross, Expo Director, says, “Sew Expo has something for every sewing enthusiast — with more than 100 seminars daily, hands-on workshops, a variety of style shows, and 400+ booths exhibiting the latest fabrics, tools, and supplies. It’s like planning a party for 30,000 of your best friends. We have guests from every State, Canada, Australia and Europe. Attendees all over the world plan their annual calendar around the Sewing & Stitchery Expo.”
  • Annie Sloan
    The creator of chalk paint.
  • Knitting with company
    gather.knit.share dedicated to bringing together friends and strangers to experience the magic of community that happens when we gather to share our common passion for knitting.


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