Linen Skirt with Wrought Iron Plant Holder

Linen Skirt with Painted Wrought Iron Planter

Linen Skirt – Burda Pattern

Finally, I have completed a cut and sew garment I am happy with. Figuring out my pattern size has been difficult. First I made a muslin which was well worth the extra time and cuts down on the frustration level. I look at it the same as making a swatch before making a knitted garment. With knitting I have learned there are swatches and then “there are swatches” and those are the ones that you go the extra mile.  With this garment once I got the muslin to fit correctly I proceeded to cut it out of a beautiful linen fabric. This was also my first attempt to insert a zipper, create darts and make a button hole with my new “dream” sewing machine. Overall I am pretty happy with how it turned it. My main goal with this project was the fit. The make needs some work but it is acceptable. I will wear it proudly!

Linen Skirt with Wrought Iron Plant Holder

Wrought Iron Planter

The wrought iron planter stand is another first. This was an old rusty planter stand that was ready to be taken to the dump. I saved it and spray painted it with Rustoleum. I found it is not the most user friendly paint, quite toxic. Due to the wind in this area I sprayed painted it in the garage. Next time  I will spray it in a more open location,  like the yard. Which should cut down on the fumes. I am going to look for a bright colored pot to go with it. I have a ton of terra cotta pots sitting in the yard. If anyone needs a pot let me know, I have some to spare.

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