Men Knitting Behind Bars

Some of my favorite knitters (and friends) are men. There is an up tick of men knitters today as noted in this UK article in The Telegraph:  Men’s knitting: is it ‘the new yoga’?

Brandon Mably, a British knitwear designer who runs knitting classes has also noticed a boom in male interest over the past year he says: “I think the stigma of knitting just being a woman’s craft has passed,” he says, pointing to a history of men’s knitting, with many in the army and navy being taught needlework during the war.… Read more

Warren’s Famous Margarita Recipe

There is nothing better than a good tasty Margarita on a hot afternoon. Below is Warren’s Famous Margarita recipe. For a heftier drink add more ingredients in equal proportion. 4 oz. of tequila may be a good starting point.

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