Annie Sloan Greek Blue Chalk Paint

Painting Outdoor Furniture with Annie Sloan Paints

This was a fun project. First I painted the table by hand. It took me most of one day getting all the slats and legs even. What is nice about the Annie Sloan paints is they are so forgiving. The table took about 2/3 of  on can, the color is Greek Blue. I love how it looks in the yard.

After I painted the table my husband commented that he could do it for 1/3 the time with a paint sprayer. I researched using a paint sprayer with Annie Sloan Paints, I thought they may be too thick but found a number of blog posts that looked like they used one successfully.

He sprayed the chairs with the paint sprayer. It worked in theory, but I would not use it again on chairs and here is why. It used to much paint and it is better to use a brush when there is a lot of open area. I would use the paint sprayer on an object like a table top, chest of drawers but now anything with open spaces.

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