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Not only was the San Francisco weather fantastic but the day was a feast for the creative senses.

La Cocina’s San Francisco Food Festival in the Mission District is a melting pot of the best street food, entertainment and art. Of all the creative arts the culinary arts is shared and talked about by almost every one. Today with the boon in truck and street food we are seeing quality food that rates with some of the top chefs in any large metropolitan city brought to the masses.  I don’t know of an event or occasion that would be successful without some kind of an offering of food or drink to share. With that said my hat is off to all those that shop, chop, and sweat over boiling pots of savory food for all of us to salivate over.  It is prepared to be devoured, it is not framed but some are preserved. I personally am not a cook and appreciate those that spend time in the kitchen preparing a feast for others, like me, to enjoy.

The San Francisco Food Festival brings the culinary arts to the streets with some of the best street and truck food available. They serve roughly 80,000 at the one day festival.  I have never seen so many food entrepreneurs in one place cooking up a storm without electricity or a kitchen and serving such a wide variety of foods. The work that goes into this one day event is organic in every way and worth the visit for the street experience and celebration of food.

The San Francisco Food Festival is a fundraiser for La Cocina which is

a non-profit incubator kitchen that provides affordable commercial kitchen space and industry-specific technical assistance to low-income and immigrant entrepreneurs who are launching, growing and formalizing food businesses.

Words really cannot explain the savory of the day this is my photo journal and all the creativity this area and event offers. I have divided the images into four categories:

  • The festival – the coming together of many people to celebrate food
  • The chefs  and food workers – the heart beat of the event and the artists for the day
  • The entertainment – people dancing and music
  • The neighborhood art – the colorful diversity of the Mission District depicted with beautiful murals adorning buildings, walls and fences everywhere preserving the culture.

Enjoy the pictures and I hope you will attend this annual event next year. Take BART!

What is this doing in a knitting blog? Knitters like to eat and this is “knot just for knitters”. (:

Click any image within a group to enlarge and view as a slide show.

The Festival – needless to say the lines were very long. I ate at the Peached Tortilla

The Chefs and Food Workers – you can see the work that went into the preparation and the quality of the food served.

The Neighborhood Art and Murals – definitely worth a visit to the Mission to see these beautiful Murals. They are everywhere, a gift from the city. This is not graffiti.

The Entertainment – something for everyone between the tribal dancers, musicians and trios.

Final note there were dogs there so if you like to travel with your dog this is one event you can bring them too. Beware there were a lot of people which can be tough for a lot of dog types. Woof.

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