Sonoma County Fibertrails

Sonoma County Fibertrails Spinners Day

Spinning and knitting are somewhat  amalgamous you can’t have one without the other. Spinners seem to be another breed from knitters. Most spinners I have met tell me they love spinning more than knitting and that it is somewhat Zen like. Most spinners also knit, obviously they knit what they spin. I have always found spinning very intriguing but have never wanted to dive into the craft. For some reason the process is just too overwhelming. Sonoma County Fibertrails has an “Annual Spinner’s Day on the Farm” it is the only one that I know of in this area. This is my second time attending after a few years.  I wrote a blog post about the event in 2012, Spinners Day on the Farm at Russian River. This year the location had changed but the spirit of the craft and the community is strong. I am so glad they continue to sponsor this event.

Below are pictures from this years event:

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