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 This is my third in the unofficial cut and sew bag series. I wanted to make a REALLY big bag and I found a Butterick Pattern for a beach bag that hung just right. The pattern shows the bag with big bold beachy prints so that was the direction I was going in as I search for fabric. But I had had my eye for awhile on the Japanese Dragonfly Fabric at Britex. Japanese fabrics are not cheap it was important to me if I was going to buy it I had the right design. With the help of the sales lady I was pulling out bolts of  large gaudy fabrics but I kept on coming back to this lovely little print, even though the pattern specified a large bold print. Sometimes you need to go against the grain and hope for the best.

I am so happy with how it turned out. It is fun, casual and swingy. Not to mention perfect for shopping around town. Everywhere you go today they want .10 for a bag but not when I have my Stash-Market-Shopping-Beach-Trash Bag. I think when the weather warms up I will use it more.

The only thing I regret is not putting a pocket or pockets inside the bag for the small stuff. But I solved that problem by using little pouches and it seems to work fine. So if  you see me around town with my BIG BAG don’t ask me to hold something for you. 😉

big-japanese-bag-web2 Did you see the cute star on the front? It is a really nice baked plastic.  I found this star at Stitches a few years ago. I am going to look for more embellishments like that when I go back to Stitches West this February.

See this post for the two other  Cut and Sew bags I completed.

  • The Shopping Bag, I actually use this bag quite a bit and it has a pocket on the inside and the outside.
  • The Project Bag is good when I have a small project and don’t want to carry a lot of stuff. It also has a pocket on the inside and the outside.

All the bags are lined. I think it is important to line cloth bags. It also adds color and contrast.

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  1. Elaine Kaan April 5, 2017 at 10:19 PM #

    I think the lining makes the bag extra special.

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