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knitters united

As I travel in both blue states and red it seems like more than ever activism is on the rise. We are all fighting for what we believe in and our rights as an American. This article by NPR gives a historical account of how the needle arts have made a difference throughout the years in getting the message across.… Read more

Going To StitchesWest

Less than one week to go before StitchesWest can’t wait. Hope to see you or meet you there.

@bogiebogie has a great blog post on where to get information about #stitcheswest. Organization is better than the official website I have referred to it many times. … Read more

Warren knitting with friends at a cafe.

Warren knitting with friends at a cafe.

When talking to knitters I  find it interesting to learn about that one person or event that influenced them most as a knitter. My first interview on KnitFun is with the person in my life that has been the most positive and influential to my love for knitting. … Read more