World Wide Knit in Public Day

Knitters all over the world will be doing and celebrating what they love to do most knit. Today is the first day of World Wide Knit in Public Week. Visit the website there is a link to find a KIP day in your area or if you are motivated start one yourself. To add to that today is also the second annual International Yarn Bombing Day.

Posted on Pinterest are  knitting and crocheting in public pictures. They really show the community spirit and love of the craft.

Today I will be attending the Annual Spinner’s Day on the Farm by the Russian River. It is at Westside Farms, 7097 Westside Road, Healdsburg, CA from 10-4 pm. I am not a spinner but I love watching and learning more about yarns. I am going with my favorite knitting buddy Warren who has now added spinning to his repertoire. He is so talented.

After this I will have two exciting blog posts to share:

  1. Pictures from Spinning Day
  2. My very inspiring  interview with Warren Agee. He is such an interesting and talented person with an amazing appetite for yarn.

I can feel it yarn is in the air! Go forth and knit!


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