Your Perfect Knitted Sweater with Ysolda Teague

Reversing a Knitting Funk with an on-line class by Ysolda Teague

I have been in a knitting funk the past few months. I have ripped out more than I have knitted. In the past year I have had a tough time seaming a sweater that has been sitting in a big plastic bag for over two years. After much contemplation I contracted it out to be finished. Then there is the vest made with a Rowan pattern that called for Big Wool yarn.  It  turned out just that “Big Wool” huge, the fit is ghastly. I am feeling like the only thing I am at these days is a scarf or if I am real adventurous a cowl.

Another moment of reckoning was when I asked someone to take my measurements for me. I learned that I am NOT a 32 – 24 – 32, tongue in cheek, and now the reality of ones measurements.

This class may be the answer to recharging and removing my funk. I blogged earlier this year  about a Squam online class that I really enjoyed and was quite inspirational. In that class I learned, as much as I tried, I am not a painter. I am a fibre girl and have been since I was young.

Do you ever go through knitting or creative funks? What do you do to turn it around?


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