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I love to knit, sew, spin, weave, twist … whatever there is you can do with fiber. I also enjoy the process of making. I am not great at any one thing, but love doing them all. What I love most about my fiber journey is the community and the support that I get from all my fiber friends.

This website is a continuation of my past life, as a web designer and the crafts that I currently enjoy. It most likely will be dominated by fiber and various other projects I want to share. This site also has a health component that I hope will help slow the aging process by exercising the brain through writing and research. Something that I tend to shy away from.

I am a sister, wife and mother. My kids are all grown all living outside of the house some on good paths others struggling. Life is never dull. My husband and I live in Marin County and are working to upgrade our home that we have lived in for over 25 years. The renovation projects seem to be dominating my existence right now. I have one brother and we rarely see each other. I think this is common in many families today.

Blogging and writing is a solo activity, to make it more interactive I want to hear from you and what you are doing. Feel free to leave comments, this will make it more interesting and less one sided.

If you don’t want to leave a comment contact me here .

photo credit: Warren Agee

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