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Activism Today and Needle Arts Throughout The Years

As I travel in both blue states and red it seems like more than ever activism is on the rise. We are all fighting for what we believe in and our rights as an American. This article by NPR gives a historical account of how the needle arts have made a difference throughout the years in getting the message across. I am proud to be a part of the knitting community that became the symbol of the Women’s March in January 2017, the Pussy Hat Project. Proof that there is strength in numbers and the enthusiasm continues. 

Read the article and let’s keep the movement going.

Stitch by stitch, a brief history of knitting and activism

Following is an excerpt from a May 2 letter to the editor in the NYT:

With each day of the new administration the stature of our country is further diminished. We are no longer the beacon of hope for immigrants; no longer the leader in the battle to mitigate climate change; no longer a country seeking to reduce gun violence; no longer a country trying to lessen income inequity; no longer a country working to preserve our environment.

For me the list goes on. I would love to hear your comments on how you have become more active in the movement.

Pictured is the Grainline Studio Stowe Bag. One of my favorites, get the pattern.

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