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Knitting with Magic Loops | Fingerless Gloves

Magic Loops Again

Once again I think I have conquered the magic loops after my third try. Beginning each row with a pearl stitch threw me for a (magic) loop, but I finally got it. The finished product hopefully will be a pair of fingerless gloves.… Read more

Hitchhiker Scarf – What is the point?

I fell in love with the Hitchhiker Scarf earlier this year at Stitches West. The women wearing it at the show had it wrapped around her kneck maybe three times and I loved the way it draped with the simple points on the edge.

The Magic Loop

I am making a fingerless glove for the first time using the magic loop. Look Mom no double points! The first glove of the pair I made with double points. They told me I would not go back and I think they may be right.… Read more