For The Love of Wool and Twitter

The Love of Wool & Twitter

30 Sheep were transported into Bryant Park in New York yesterday to launch the Campaign for Wool , an effort by Prince Charles to promote the wool industry in the United States. You can read more about the wool event in the  NY Daily News

For some reason I have this fantasy with Bryant Park in New York City. Living in California I hear about numerous fabulous creative events that go on there. I have been to New York a few times and for all I know may have been to this park. Lately, whenever I hear about an event there my ears perk up. Yesterday when I was on twitter,  @knitfuncreate ,  I read all these tweets about the sheep in the park. As a knitter and lover of wool I was quite intrigued and with Twitter one can be transported anywhere in the world.  Following is the sequence of tweets that lead me to be virtually transported to the wool event in Bryant Park, NYC.

This is the kickoff tweet from @KayGardiner that started it at around 7 AM PDT:

Then within seconds this tweet came up on my mobile device from @pepperknit and my curiosity peaked so …

I shot back a RT asking her why? (RT=Retweet)

Sometimes tweeters will respond and other times they don’t. Luckily @pepperknit got back to me and I retweeted her tweet and an additional tweet to @tamholland, a twitter buddy, that I knew was visiting NYC at the time.

A few hours later @tamholland responded to my tweet and said she was only a few blocks away and would check it out. When she got to the park she sent me this tweet and the picture you see on this blog post.

That is how I was virtually transported to Bryant Park, New York City for the launch of the Wool Campaign in the United States by Prince Charles.

This is why I love twitter – follow me @knitfuncreate and / or @tonicarr .

Here is another post where Knit in Public Day was celebrated in Bryant Park, New York City

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