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For over 18 years I was a very successful Website Designer and SEO Consultant for the company I created, toniCarr.com. A job I loved, attending many educational conferences, meeting great people in the industry and working with many wonderful clients. Prior to creating toniCarr I was in the apparel and design industry. First on the retail side of the business and then moving to  the wholesale and production of apparel. Finding my dream job and spending many years  as a product manager at Levi Strauss and Company, it was the business experience at Levi’s® that gave me the confidence to pursue a Web Development company and grow it into a successful occupation for the next 18 years.

I am currently embarking on a new adventure that mixes property management and my passion for working with textiles. Willow Glen Rentals, a property management company. Developing websites continues to be a hobby and this website started years ago as “Knit | Fun | Create” which has now morphed into toniCarr Designs. Sharing the creative process along with life’s journey. I hope you will enjoy what I  have to share, new discoveries, inspiration and creations. At the same time I invite you to also share your ideas and creations.

I live in Marin County, California with my grown family and recently purchased my dream sewing machine in 2015.

I hope that you will contact me here .

photo credit: Warren Agee

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